Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haiku: One Deep Breath Poetry

This use to belong to Haiku: One Deep Breath Poetry.

I'm cleaning my own blog, and preparing to move it to a new location.  I kept coming to broken links to the Haiku: One Deep Breath Poetry blog that was gone.

Plus Blogger kept offering the site up to the next available ... so ... I figured it may as well be someone who actually did use the site before it disappeared.

If you are the originator of the original blog, please contact me with a lot of proof :) I would love to know where you went and what you are doing.

In the mean time, I may put my few little pieces up that were inspired by the original, eventually. And, because I was inspired to keep writing, I may add some others, too.

If you have pieces that were also inspired by the original, please contact me to have a link placed to your blog.

Thanks bunches,